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Parking spots in Niagara Falls

Parking Spots in Niagara Falls during Peak season can be Bit expensive and hard to find but its not like New York crazy, the drive within Niagara falls is always short but oh Boy ..its a never ending walk. Please note that all day parking price for private lot can range anywhere from $5 to $20 depending on time and day of the week .

here are some parking spots around the falls and Clifton hill

1. Clifton Hill Parking Lot: located at 4960 Clifton Hill. Offers both surface and underground parking. Only a short walk away from major attractions and the falls.

2. Casino Niagara Parking Lot: spacious parking lot located across from Fallsview Casino Resort. A 10-minute walk away from Clifton Hill.

3. Falls Avenue Resort Parking Garage: located at 5685 Falls Ave, and only a 5-minute walk away from major attractions and Clifton Hill.

4. Skylon Tower Parking Lot: located at 5200 Robinson St. Offers a stunning view of Niagara Falls and only a 10-minute walk from Clifton Hill.

5. Victoria Avenue Parking Lot: located at 4555 Erie Ave. A short walk away from Clifton Hill and major attractions.

6. Falls Parking: located on Stanley Avenue. Offers both surface and covered parking options. Short walking distance from the falls.

7. Fallsview Casino Resort Parking Lot: located at 6380 Fallsview Boulevard. Walking distance from the falls but can be busy.

8. Rapidsview Parking: located at 7651 Niagara Parkway. Offers beautiful views of Niagara River and only a short walk away from the falls.

9. Niagara Parks Parking Lot: available at the foot of Clifton Hill on Murray Street. Short walk to Niagara Parkway.

10. Floral Showhouse and Queen Victoria Place Parking Lot: situated opposite Niagara Falls Parkway by Queen Victoria Park. Easy access to multiple attractions.

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