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Worlds geological wonder, World famous landmark and Canada's Pride, 

There is something to do for everyone, From Beautiful trails, Parks to Night life, Activities and Amazing Restaurants .

We can't wait for you to Experience and Explore Niagara Falls

Polaris Slingshot Rental

slingshot .png

Experience the thrill of Exploring Niagara Falls in 

Polaris Slingshot, Polaris Slingshot is fully road legal auto-cycle, it doesn't require any special licence.

All you need is  Full Drivers licence ( Full G or class 5)

from Canada or any other equivalent drivers licence from any other country is also Valid.

Duration : 1 Hr or  2Hr 

Cost : $150 & Up


ATV Rentals on Trail

IMG-20220802-WA0024(1) (1).jpg

Located in the Heart of Niagara Falls,  Enjoy 50 acres of beautiful custom built trail,  

you do not require special licence to be able to ride an ATV kids Above 12 years old can ride an ATV as long as  they are able to handle to ride and ATV .

Duration : 1 Hr 

Cost : $100/ person


Canada's First 3D Photo Studio

From the creators of famous trick art museums around the world...Enjoy the experience, let our camera app do all the work.

Take all the pictures you want. Use all 30+ scenes.

100% of the memories saved in your phone.

Easy to do. No experience needed.

Trick Art Box is Canada's 1st and only 3D photo studio.

Duration : No time limit 

Cost        :  $15 & Up

Website  :

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